Joanna Li

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University project at London College of Communication (UAL)

The time-based performance addresses the relationship between work, sleep, capitalism and resistance. This explores the psychological and physical effects of a 24/7 work culture and the incursions of capitalism into private life. The voice of this short film is to show the process of ‘dream’, ‘resistance’ and ‘collapse’ by questioning whether distress-responsive sleep episodes might exist as a political act itself or become the moment of defiance under never-ending circles.

When we talk about ‘work’, we think of ‘time’, ‘sleepless’, ‘non-stop life’. When we talk about ‘non-stop life’, we will think of ‘24/7’, ‘machine’, ‘stay up late’. In the dictionary, 24/7 means 24 hours a day, seven days a week: What does sleep mean to us? Is the time we spend sleeping as definitively unproductive or might evolve to recuperate value from our sleeping hours?

Sleep is simply a necessary task and a pause for the following waking day. The time we can rest and escape from dreaming everything in my real life. Every day we are always struggling with “ sleep”, how to sleep well or to have more sleeping time. For others, they might suffer from chronic fatigue and struggle to get to sleep at all. The voice of this short film is ‘happenings’ where all the viewers can participate in it.

Direction & Cinematography / Joanna Li
Performers/ Chiu Chung Han, Chin Tzu Yao
Sound design / Eva Anjos
Lighting / Arseny Kaluzhinsky

Research & Development