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This fashion VR campaign serves as a compelling showcase of how technological advancements in virtual reality can revolutionise the presentation of clothing to our customers, particularly within the high street environment. 

The film not only provides the ultimate fashion show experience, but also gives lifelike interactions, providing viewers with the sensation of models being physically present before them. We created an array of eye catching, alternative shots, constantly changing how the viewer perceived the clothing and how 360-degree camera addes a fresh and engaging dimention to capturing the garments, redefining how they are portrayed.

Film Campaign posters 

panorama of the endtimes | 360° VR Fashion film

'Panorama of the endtimes' The film seeks to display the concept of gender and self as we know it, while it dies and it is reborn, unbound and pure, embracing its most unrestrained version, forward into the future.


Film Director: Joanna Li
Fashion designer: Gentjana Begu
Cinematographer: Natacha Mantovani
Film Editor: Joanna Li
Models: Lucy Feng, Tedesco, Ema Karaj
Hair and Make up Artist: Eve Mawhanney
Hair and Make up Assistant: Hanna Louisa Guðnadóttir
3D artist: Rakel Vella
Sound Designer: Llorenç Garcia Bas
Special editing Guidance: Oscar Carrier-Sippy

Special VR Guidance: Alejandro Escobar

3D Headpieces Design: Vuyani Matibiri

Special thanks : Lccartdirection, Floriane Misslin,
Samuel Antonio Turner, Gabriela grozavu, Kai-Hsiang Liang