panorama of the endtimes

Imagine a world where you have complete control over your freedom and identity. The film depicts a group of individuals expressing their future androgynous identity as a more positive and inclusive understanding of gender develops. This is a journey through time and gender that aims to disrupt traditional power dynamics and challenge existing visual language. The film seeks to develop further awareness, but also to enable further change. Three elements defined the characteristics of androgynous identity in film.  A desirable feminine simplicity is contrasted with a blend of simple and masculine shapes. Three styles, represented by three looks and three personas, appeared out of nowhere, claiming to have had no previous contact with society.

Film Director: Joanna Li
Fashion designer : Gentjana Begu
Cinematographer: Natacha Mantovani
Film Editor: Joanna Li
Models: Lucy Feng, Tedesco, Ema Karaj
Hair and Make up Artist: Eve Mawhanney
Hair and Make up Assistant: Hanna Louisa Guðnadóttir
3D artist: Rakel Vella
Sound Designer: Llorenç Garcia Bas
Special thanks : Gabriela grozavu, Kai-Hsiang Liang,
Special editing guidance: Oscar Carrier-Sippy